Mr. David Gonzalez Jr. (DAY-vid gon-SAH-lez)

Director, Economic Initiatives

LocationYork, PA

Preferred pronounhe/him

Email address

Telephone number7177187847

Twitter account@GonzalezJ_David

Headshot of David Gonzalez Jr.

Biographical information

David is the Director of Economic initiatives for the York County Economic Alliance (YCEA). He’s been with the YCEA since 2016 and works to advocate for the local economy and connect businesses with resources. His role includes ensuring the progress of the county’s 10-year Economic Action Plan, a comprehensive plan focused on strengthening the quality of life and economic opportunities of the community. David’s portfolio of work includes expanding broadband access, improving the Codorus Creek in the City of York, leading a plan to increase access and affordability of housing, and supporting communities and businesses in leveraging outdoor recreation for economic opportunity.