Mr. Jabari K. Jones (JA-BAR-EE)


LocationPhiladelphia, PA

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Jabari K. Jones is the founding Chief-Executive of the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative. With nearly a decade of consulting experience on developing business support ecosystems, he has acquired a broad understanding of the challenges that face entrepreneurs and how to solve them.

In 2015, Jones laid out a broad vision of connecting the fragmented hyperlocal commercial corridor business organizations and support groups into one ecosystem. Today, the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative has participation from fourteen member business associations that span twelve commercial corridors with over two thousand independent companies represented.

Jones also prioritized private-sector partnerships to create resources for small businesses. He has directly negotiated industry partnerships with major corporations like PECO-Exelon, Amtrak, and Automatic that have realized over $400,000.00 in tangible philanthropic investments in West Philadelphia.

In 2017, Jones began a targeted campaign to raise the profile of West Philadelphia beyond the region with the goal of attracting tourism, new businesses, and consumer spending to neighborhoods. The WPCC has successfully formed new international relationships with dignitaries, trade representatives and companies in the African Union, Scotland, and the People’s Republic of China. Jones’ continued support for this initiative continues to fuel high-level dialogue, opening import and export opportunities for local companies to access new markets.

Throughout his tenure, Jones has been active in advocating for pro-small business policy on all levels of government – testifying frequently on legislation on the federal and local levels. His advocacy has gone beyond just government, as he has also championed policies to ensure investment in local construction projects is inclusive, earning him positions in oversight, advisory and consulting capacities on over $23 billion in public-private investment. Through these roles, Jones has been solidified as a thought-leader working to develop innovative policies that increase local, diverse businesses accessing contract opportunities.