Dr. Kevin D. Pham

Assistant Professor

LocationGettysburg, PA

Preferred pronounhim/his

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Telephone number4088387561


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Kevin D. Pham is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Gettysburg College. His research explores theories of colonialism, otherness/identity, refugees, freedom, and democracy through cross-cultural analysis that challenges and enhances the way we understand the canon of political theory. Some of his publications are the first to introduce Vietnamese political thought to the academic field of political theory. Many Americans think of “Vietnam” as a war, but his book project shows how Vietnam has been a cross-roads of empires and thus a site of rich cross-cultural intellectual exchange. His teaching aims to cultivate global citizenship and leadership skills in young people through engagement with diverse perspectives. These aims are also pursued through his work with the Olive Tree Initiative, an award-winning program that provides undergraduates from numerous universities academic and experiential education for conflict analysis.