Dr. Leslie Grace


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Dr. Leslie Grace Educator, Author, Publisher, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist who loves to empower the children and their community. Elements of the Community, Inc provides educational, media relations, financial literacy and entrepreneurship programming for communities within the United States.

She has taught thousands of children and adults how to open their own businesses and manage their finances. Her research concentrates on the benefits and barriers associated with implementing financial literacy programming for adolescents in inner-city neighborhoods, and how their exposure to efficient financial literacy programming will result in significant behavior exchange and behavior modification. She is dedicated to increasing the Financial Capabilities of Young America and their Families. Dr. Grace is committed to teaching children and their families about ownership. Ownership over their LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

Professor Grace has taught oral communications, English, critical reading, entrepreneurship and mathematics of money. Leslie believes that everyone is an element of the community and her goal is to reconnect, elevate, uplift and expand an individual’s economic status in the community. Dr. Leslie Grace is committed to increasing the financial capabilities of children and their communities through education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment.

Dr. Leslie Grace believes that every child should have an opportunity to continue their education and/or develop Startup companies. Their zip code should not determine their outcome. She is removing barriers and giving inner-city children a fair CHANCE AT LIFE.

In addition, in March 2015, Dr. Grace and her students won the 4D producer award from ProjectSTEAMTV for documenting the young entrepreneurs' journey. This caused them to receive several episodes on television sharing their experiences of opening up a business and money matters. For the past year, Grace has been working in various communities implementing “Money Management for the Families“ for the adults and Mathematics of Money or Money Matters for the Youth.