Dr. Manuel Sacramento Gonzalez Canche


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I am an associate professor of higher education with affiliations in education policy and quantitative methods at the University of Pennsylvania’s GSE. My primary interests are on providing estimates of expected outcomes associated with a variety of decisions students make, effects of state- and federal-level policy changes, and spatial spillovers and outcome dependence. My cognates in economics, sociology, and biostatistics have deeply influenced the types of questions and methods I typically employ. These methods primarily deal with issues of selection based on observables and unobservables, lack of dependence given participants’ connections (either to one another or based on their common exposure to living in a given place). Accordingly, I have been using weighting methods, instrumental variables, network, and spatial statistical analyses along with data visualization techniques to address most of my research questions. Some outlets of this research have included Economics of Education Review, American Educational Research Journal, and higher education research journals such as the Journal of Higher Education, Research in Higher Education, and the Review of Higher Education. More recently, I have been working on neighborhood and school context effects on 3 to 8 mathematical proficiency relying of multilevel spatial interaction models.