Dr. Nelson Flores

Asscociate Professor

LocationPhiladelphia, PA

Preferred pronounhe/him

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Telephone number2158987913


Twitter account@nelsonlflores

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Nelson Flores is an associate professor of educational linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. His research examines the intersection of language, race, and the political economy in shaping U.S. educational policies and practices. His current research projects include a longitudinal study of students in a dual language charter school in a predominately low-income Latinx area of Philadelphia that seeks to challenge deficit perspectives by documenting the complex linguistic practices these students engage in on a daily basis and a book project that examines the institutionalization of bilingual education in the post-Civil Rights era. Dr. Flores has been the recipient of many academic awards including the 2017 AERA Bilingual Education SIG Early Career Award, a 2017 Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship, and the 2019 James Atlas Prize for Research on Language Planning and Policy in Educational Contexts. He also serves on several editorial boards including The International Journal of the Sociology of Language, Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, and Multilingua.