Mrs. Nicole L. Vasquez

Director of Community Advocacy

LocationManheim Township, PA

Preferred pronounshe/her

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Telephone number7172714423

Facebook pageCrashLanc

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Biographical information

Nicole Vasquez has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. She, her husband, Teddy, and their children reside in Lancaster County. Nicole Vasquez is a courageous leader and organizer in Lancaster County. She is a fierce advocate for human and civil rights, leading the charge by starting two nonprofits to address the most sensitive needs of her community. Nicole has been advocating for change in this community for 10 years. Her journey began when her son, Max, died at birth in 2009. She helped to found Sweet Pea Project, a nonprofit that offers support and guidance to families that have experienced the loss of a child. She also decided to help lobby to change the law in the state of PA so that families that experience stillbirth can request a birth certificate for their child. This fight was won a year later and PA became one of the 31 states that has this available. This loss was the beginning of her journey to advocate, fight for and empower women and it was when she learned how powerful her voice is. Nicole has dedicated her time to fighting for racial and social justice and combating inequality on all levels. She has worked tirelessly to connect with the local community. She is the cofounder of a second local nonprofit, C.R.A.S.H. which will serve as a bridge between the different grassroots groups, nonprofits and individuals that have been mobilized and are working hard for change in Lancaster County. She hopes that by serving as this bridge they can work to dismantle the system that is no longer working for anyone and to build one that is self-sustaining for ALL people.