Nijmie Dzurinko (J is pronounced the same as in the word jejune)

Co-founder and co-coordinator

LocationPhiladelphia, PA

Preferred pronounshe/her or they/them

Email address

Telephone number2156670066

Twitter account@NijmieZD

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Biographical information

Nijmie Zakkiyyah Dzurinko is a working class Black, Indigenous and queer organizer and strategist of over 20 years from Pennsylvania. She is co-founder and co-coordinator on a volunteer basis of Put People First! PA, a statewide, base building human rights organization waging a healthcare is a human right campaign. They are also volunteer co-chair of the Pennsylvania Poor People’s Campaign and a member of the National Steering Committee. Nijmie serves on the Executive Board of the National Union of the Homeless and is also a member of the University of the Poor and the Popular Education Project.