Reginald Howard

Mental Health Activist

LocationPhiladelphia, PA

Preferred pronounhe/him

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Telephone number2677469208

Twitter account@reginaldahoward

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Reginald A. Howard is a Mental Health Activist. He uses his life experiences to ignite, inspire and empower others to prioritize their mental health. He has been featured on Comcast, CNBC, The Philadelphia Tribune and in Voyage magazine. On a typical day, Reggie’s contribution to change consist of being an active board member for Lindley Academy Charter School, presentations for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and serving as a Community Outreach Coordinator for Black Men Heal.

Rather it’s through his mentally healing podcast, his paradigm shifting book or his emotionally connecting speeches, Reg puts the motivation into Mental Health so that it can be the focal point of today’s conversation. Reggie’s story furthers his mission to not only impact his community but people everywhere. From police departments to middle schools, he’s just looking to serve and leave the world better than he found it.