Dr. Scott Hancock

College Professor of History & Africana Studies

LocationGettysburg, PA

Preferred pronounhe/him

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Telephone number7173989387

Twitter account@scotthancockOT

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Scott Hancock is an associate professor of history and Africana Studies at Gettysburg College. He graduated from Bryan College in Dayton TN with bachelor’s degrees in Bible and Christian Education, and after college spent 14 years working in group homes with teenagers in crisis. He then switched careers and received a Ph.D. in Early American History from the University of New Hampshire in 1999. The combination of careers has fueled his desire to understand how law and identity interacted with the experiences of African Americans, and to tell the stories of people whom society and history have tended to discount as either troublesome or unimportant. He has published articles in various anthologies exploring the consequences of black agency as they used the courts and the legal system in the north, and examining how escaping slaves and the underground railroad were one of the primary forces that pushed the nation toward civil war and emancipation. He is currently exploring how places like the Gettysburg battlefield can put African Americans and slavery back into the heart of the story told by national park landscapes and memorials.