Shanice Wadell (Sha-Niece Wah-Dell)

Makeup Artist (SFX) + Graphic Design

LocationScranton, PA

Preferred pronounshe/her

Email address

Telephone number5705753288

Instagram account@slwcrea8

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Biographical information

I have always had an interest in the arts of all mediums. Growing up with a mother that was an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director, and a father that was skilled with photography, I was bound to have a tad bit of creativity flowing through my genes. I grew up wanting to be an artist of any sort… an illustrator, a painter, a graphic designer (which I am now).

Within these past 4 years, I have also recently discovered a passion for makeup artistry. Makeup art has brought me such life, passion, self-confidence, and an entirely new platform to explore my creative freedom.

I must say, art is my way of life and my way to express myself. So many possibilities and un-ventured avenues I could run wild with! My work is an extension of me to you.

Remember… Be Unique Be Weird Be Creative and… Be You!