Tyra Bryant-Stephens (Ty-ra)

Director and Founder, Community Asthma Prevention Program, Associate Professor of Pediatrics

LocationPhiladelphia, PA

Preferred pronounshe/her

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Telephone number2155905261

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Tyra Bryant-Stephens is aboard-certified pediatrician in clinical practice for over 30 years in Philadelphia. In 1997 she founded the Community Asthma Prevention Program (CAPP) of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), a community-based asthma program that seeks to reduce asthma disparities through community-engaged interventions. She has sustained CAPP for 23 years and led numerous studies/projects to help improve asthma outcomes for low-income minority children using community participatory research methodology. Over 4000 families have been enrolled in home-based interventions with over 20000 home visits made by community health workers. In addition community classes have trained more than 3000 caregivers. She trains primary care providers in how to implement guideline based care and leads the CHOP CARE Network in coordinating asthma training. In school-based education CAPP has implemented asthma classes for hundreds of children and school professionals in site-based asthma training and over 600 children in school-based classes. She leads the CAPP Collaborative, consisting of partners throughout the city, which is in its twelfth year of hosting the annual conference Fighting Asthma Disparities attended by local, state and national stakeholders. Dr Bryant-Stephens has served on numerous local, state and national committees. She is a founding member of the Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership where she served as chair of the Executive Committee. She also served on the Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee, a federal advisory committee for the US Environmental Protection Agency for 6 years. Currently she serves on the Philadelphia Board of Health. Her research has been funded for over 20 years and currently she leads a U01 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute study which is intended to connect home, school, community and health care through a patient-centered randomized control trial. She and her husband, Dr. Paul Stephens Jr, are blessed with two daughters and three exciting grandchildren.